grrrls-like-us asked:

hello! I've always been interested in spiritual things and psychics, but have never indulged in my curiosity. I recently found out that I actually come from a line of psychic women on my fathers side. I really want to explore this side of me and see if I have any natural abilities. do you have any advice for how I should begin my psychic journey? thank you!

thepathofthewise answered:

Start by developing your intuition:

  • play guessing games
  • guess things during the day, like who might be calling when the phone rings, who is knocking at the door, etc…
  • don’t supress your gut feeling
  • be observant. Be aware of your surroundings
  • Be focused. Stay present.

Train your visualization/ imagination

  • take each day to picture things vividly in your mind
  • it can be to remember an object or a person in all details, you can create characters in your head, like you acre creating a story. You can imagine, for example when going to buy something, imagine how would it feel to have it, as if that was already happening right at the moment. 

Also meditation will help you a lot to make your energy stronger and cleaner.